Losing Your Mind

Give Someone Space Without Losing Them (Honest Advice)


There might be a time in a relationship where one of the partners needs space. It could be a frightening moment for the other person, but there is nothing wrong with it. When things start getting too overwhelming. Then you and your partner might need a break from each other or the relationship. Giving your partner some space or distancing yourself from them might make you a bit anxious. But you should know that it is perfectly normal and healthy for a good relationship. Here are some of the ways by which you can give your significant other some much-needed space without losing your mind:


  1. Hang out Together

You should try different games or go out and reconnect with your friends. Try new things or just do anything that makes you feel happy. If you want to give your partner some space, then you should be genuine about it and hold yourself back. You cannot talk about giving them space if you are constantly trying to contact them in different ways.

You should never be afraid of letting some friends go with you while handing out. It will give a sense of satisfaction to your partner, and he or she will feel that you are giving some space. If you are also there, then this space will not be more than a certain limit. It will be a win-win situation for you and your partner too.


  1. You Should Take Decisions for Yourself

You should take responsibility for yourself by making your own decisions just like you used to do before getting into a relationship. Taking decisions for yourself is a very helpful step as it makes you feel independent, and it can help you in the process of being less attached from your partner for some time. Never forget to ask the opinion of your partner as if you do not do it, then your partner will think that you are overpowering them.

Decision-making may also prepare you for a future where you might not be together. You can also contact GoMarry.com for getting relationship assistance.


  1. You should not obsess Over the Distance

However, you should try to think about other things in your life instead of obsessing over the distance between you two. It is better to keep yourself busy with other things instead of thinking about the obvious space between you two as over thinking about it would only make you want to go back to your partner when all they need is some time and space.


  1. You should try to focus on yourself

While you should take this time to focus on bettering yourself. You might want to restart different hobbies that you gave up because of your relationship. You should eat healthily and spend time doing things, which makes you feel happy and satisfied with yourself.

All of this would help you in the process of loving yourself as much as you love your partner. You can also sign up with GoMarry.com to facilitate their perfect relationship advice.

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