Lousy Relationship

Lousy Relationship: Set Higher Standards To Save Yourself


In every area of our lives–from business to romance to fitness, our standards determine our experience of life. As far as the relationships are concerned, if you don’t have control over your emotions and choices, you’re not going to get the ideal man. Remember, your heart follows your actions and you can control your actions. Never compromise on living with someone just for the sake of being with someone. You must set higher standards to live a happy life. Let me tell you how you can rid of your lousy relationship.

Your lover should be awesome because you’re awesome

Remember, you’re going to spend life with your partner, so he must be having a great personality. It’s good to stay alone rather than dating an average guy. So look for the best option available.

The way you love and value yourself, your partner will follow the same standards

The way you love and value yourself will determine the behavior of your partner. It is an unconscious approach. The way we treat ourselves, others also follow those patterns.

Preexisting expectations help you identify a Narcissist

Having standards means not settling for less – from yourself or from anyone else. High standards help you easily identify a narcissist. You can spot someone who wants to harm you initially and you don’t get involved with him emotionally.

Higher standards lead to happiness

When we develop a sense of self-love or a feel of what we desire and need, make our life much happier. Such a feel helps us to identify the toxic people around us and we only develop healthy relationships. Setting higher standards help us identifying the red flags and dodging them. And less heartache and drama generally means more happiness and peace in your life.

You’re able to sort the wheat from the chaff

If you’re clear about your standards, you can easily separate good from the bad. If a guy is not up to your standards, he is not worth your time. Setting boundaries will allow you to invite the right ones into your life and heart.

Allow yourself to flourish and grow

A draining and unfulfilling relationship makes life tough and boring. Setting high standards will help you meet a great guy who will bring happiness and joy into your life. You’ll never feel exhausted in his presence. Besides, it will allow you to grow, shine and flourish in all areas of your life.

Love is a tricky business, keep it simple

There is much drama involved in a relationship. The reason is that you forget to set high standards. You try to compromise and the result is always devastating. If you set standards, it will be beneficial for both you and your partner. Keep things simple so that you could work on the betterment of your relationship.

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