Love Fantasy Addiction

The addiction to being attracted to a person is a regular part of a love relationship. People crave for seeing and spending time with their partner all the time. It might be a great thing for some time in a relationship; however, it should not be continued for a longer duration.


However, their partner often discourages the continuous efforts of love addicts, when they are trying to change the behavior of their partner according to their mental fantasies. Those love addicts have developed some fantasies, and they want their partner to fulfill their fantasies for them. The relationships fail, and people tend to separate themselves from the love addicts because of their useless fantasies.


These love addicts cannot live a healthy relationship, and they cannot survive without their partners as well.  Their fantasies stay with them all the time. They think and crave for their partner’s attention all the time. It is not a healthy activity, because these people fail to maintain their career and other priorities apart from their relationship.


These people spend more time in developing those fantasies than giving time to their relationship; however, they spend time effort and lots of energy in constructing those fantasies that are not reality-based. These people might have been alone for a great part of their lives, and they developed a fantasy relationship with their partner.


However, they might grow deeper in their fantasies that they do not know the importance of being around and pleasing their real partner. There is a lack of communication between love addicts and fantasy relationships. You might be unaware of the thoughts and situations of your partner. The connection with your partner on a deeper level, while understanding his or her emotions is entirely missing in love addict relationships.


Most of the relationships based on these fantasies fail, and people separate from each other. The purpose of any relationship is to bring the sense of connection and affiliation with your partner; if you are unable to communicate with your partner for some basic situations, it is not recommended to stay in that relationship longer.


You can find an ideal partner and get a perfect relationship with a new partner. You can find assistance from People often assist their partner in getting better from the world of their fantasies. They help them living in the health conditions, improving their psychological health, and maintaining the beauty of their relationship.


Proper care and affection from their partners often help people suffering from the build-up thoughts and actions of their minds. It is important to show regular involvement in healthy activities before getting in a relationship. This is often considered that people living in fantasies have no connection from the reality of their relationship.

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