Why Love is Not a Fairy-tale

Snow White, Cinderella and the Little Mermaid all got their happily ever after. But when the credits roll at the end of the Disney film after the couple is happily married, do we know if they ever have a fight? Do they get divorced? Will one of them cheat on the other? Or do they really end up loving each other forever and until eternity?


It’s so sad to admit it, but this is true. Love is not a fairytale. We’ve probably heard more sad love stories than ones that end up in a happily ever after. This, of course, not referring to any Disney movies, but real life! Love in real life is anything but a fairytale.


Especially for those who resort to the new craze of online dating! Online dating has become an incredibly popular way of meeting new people. And while most of us put in a lot of effort with our profiles we mostly end up going on a date with someone who is not in it for the long run.


You’ve probably heard many horror stories like a blind date gone bad where the man suggested that they go into the bathroom for some ‘fun’ when the date hasn’t even started yet. Or a girl demanding that the boy pay for everything and buying her gifts and then after the date has finished, she would never call him again.


These kinds of events make us devalue love. We are almost certain that love like this doesn’t exist. Fairytale love and Disney’s Happily ever after!


Maybe you’ve been hurt before, someone has run away from you or has been leading you on for years. Perhaps you’ve been in a long-term relationship and your partner doesn’t want to commit. Maybe your long-term partner broke up with you and immediately got married afterward.


It’s traumatic events like these that can put us off of love forever.


All is not lost! Love doesn’t have to be a fairytale where you fall in love at first sight or where a prince kisses you out of deep sleep. When you register on GoMarry.com you can find a real-life Fairytale.


You can make your own love story come true by finding someone who matches you perfectly! Someone who makes you feel amazing! Someone who won’t use you just for one night’s worth of fun or hooking up!

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