Maintenance: Attributes of Women with Such Levels


Women are complex creatures and have been the fascination of many people across the world. With so many different traits and qualities, women somehow are still classified as either high or low maintenance. There are good qualities and bad qualities for both categories. Simple definitions of the terms show that high maintenance conveys a lot of maintenance to keep something in good condition. While low maintenance means, very little maintenance for keeping something in a proper condition. How does this apply to women?


High Maintenance Woman

A woman that is high maintenance wants a lot of attention and can be quite dramatic. This woman may spend a lot of money on her appearance. She wants to look good and will pay for high-quality clothing, make-up, and hairdos. The high maintenance woman wants her man to spend money on her. She easily gets jealous and wants her man for herself. A good example is Kim Kardashian.


Low Maintenance Woman

A low maintenance woman is easy going and laid back. She enjoys spending time with friends and likes to drink a beer on occasion. This woman likes to laugh and doesn’t require a lot of attention from her man. A woman who is low maintenance can look after herself and doesn’t need a man to make her life work. She is very independent and enjoys her own company. Mila Kunis is an example.


Making it Work

The debate about which type of woman is best to date has been going on for decades. However, these classifications can be quite biased and don’t really have any scientific backing. They really only describe personality traits. A woman can fall into one of these categories, or be placed in a grey area somewhere in between. A woman can be insecure and confident, distant and needy all at once. Men have to accept this and love a woman just as she is. Every person deserves love and assigning a category does not dictate the type of love a woman needs.

All women enjoy being treated and loved by their partners; it is just the way a man does it that might differ. A high maintenance woman will enjoy spoiled with flowers and spa sessions. Whereas a low maintenance woman might prefer just spending quality time with her partner. Women and men both need to think about what they want from a relationship and what their needs are. Once you do this, you will know what type of partner will suit you and how to make your relationship work. All relationships require effort and you need to be willing to go the extra mile.

High and low maintenance women both deserve all the love in the world. Their differing personalities makes them unique and the world becomes balanced by having both types of woman. Decide which type you want a relationship with, value her and look forward to a great future together.

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