Push Men Away

Mistakes Made by Women That Push Men Away


Relationships can be tricky sometimes when we struggle to keep things interesting with our partner and relationship. Women spend a lot of energy figuring out the best way to keep their relationship healthy; however, they often make certain mistakes, which derives their partner away and they seem to be unaware of their actions. It is significant to enlist some mistakes by women that push men away, which would assist us in maintaining a healthy relationship and keeping things attractive for our partner.

Some of those mistakes have been described below:


  1. Excessive Analysis of His Personality

It might be interesting to know about a person that you are interested in. You pay attention and efforts to analyze their words. The habit of excessive analyses and getting meaning and reading everything in his conversation could be extremely annoying for him. He might consider you extremely judgmental. He would start staying away from you in the relationship. People want to feel good when they are around their partner; therefore, avoiding analyzing his personality and spend time in building a healthy relationship.

Men do not like to have a continuous eye of analysis on them. It is harder for them to change their personality as compared to women. Men are not flexible and want to carry their own personality in most of the cases. So, keep the step of your analysis about him at a slower speed.


  1. Bringing Negativity In Your Conversations

It can be difficult to stay positive all the time. You might be dealing with some mood swings and spoke negatively to your partner. Remember, he wants to spend great and happy time around you, and if he is continuously facing your negative mood swings, then he will move away from being considerate and emotionally connected with you.

Try to be happy and maintain happy mood swings around him. You can also consult GoMarry.com for their relationship advice.


  1. Making Him the Only Source of Your Emotional Life

It is important to be emotionally connected with your partner. It makes sense to be dependent on your partner for the emotional connectivity; however, it is not a healthy practice to make him the only source of your emotional connection in life.  Men often consider it as the poison to their freedom of connectivity and relationship. It is important to remember and concentrate on other sources to derive your happiness.

You can engage in some healthy activities to avoid dependence on him for your emotional fulfillment. You would feel happy and confident by spending time in building an attractive and self-determined personality.


  1. The expectation of knowing everything About You

You cannot expect your partner to know everything about you without communicating that to him. He does not have the superpower to read your mind. Guys do not want to complicate things. He would drift away if you constantly expect him to know everything about you by reading your mind. You can also sign up at GoMarry.com for facilitating from the expert advice for your relationship.

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