What is Narcissist Flirting

If you’re wondering whether your partner is a narcissist you should try and spot whether they are very self-involved, selfish and uninterested in anything you are doing. One of the biggest signs that you are in a relationship with a narcissist is that they are flirting with others to intentionally make you jealous.


A person who has narcissistic tendencies can be very charming and persuasive. They come across as being very impressive, romantic and can convince you to do anything. They are masters at flirting, that’s probably how they won you over in the first place.


They have a strange way of showing love, even though they probably do love you and have feelings for you. Their feelings for you will never be as strong as the feelings they have for themselves. You will find yourself slowly feeling inadequate and undermined. As they tend to be poor listeners, constantly interrupting you and disregarding your opinion, thoughts, and feelings.


When it comes to flirting, they won you over with the way they brag about themselves. They were constantly showing off and telling you stories about all the romantic things he has done in the past with other lovers. This is supposed to impress you, but it can also make you feel jealous. The narcissist doesn’t see it in that way, as they never think what they say, and they never even consider the implications of their words or deeds.


Some of the tell-tale signs that your lover is a narcissistic flirter is when you are on a date with each other that he will start flirting with someone else. He will either ask for her number, or she will comment on something physical of his.


Even though this behavior is really disrespectful and doesn’t show a caring nature at all. They will continue to flirt with others in front of you, or always try to notice another person’s physical appearance while commenting on it.


This, ultimately, makes you feel unattractive and unimportant. A lover who really loves you would never want you to feel anything negative and will have the common sense not to flirt with someone else behind your back or in front of you. This undermines the importance of you and your relationship.


It shows immaturity from the narcissist’s side or plain no-care! If you are in a committed relationship your partner wouldn’t showcase behavior like this. Because it will break trust and respect, which are two of the most important bases of a successful relationship.


There’s no way of stopping this behavior as someone who is a Narcissist won’t do any form as introspection and will never admit when they are wrong since the blame is always shifted onto you. The only way you can help this narcissist is by leaving them. They should walk their own path of finding the right ways of dealing with their selfishness. But the longer you stay with someone like this, the more you will lose yourself and self-respect for yourself.


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