One Up, One Down Relationship

A relationship is an equal opportunity to express and present your personality. Some people like to think higher of themselves during relationships. They consider themselves higher than their partners. This is considered as one up one down relationship.

People might consider them dominant in the relationship and will regard their partner as submissive in the relationship. They consider that the dominant person has the utmost power over the submissive partner. They tend to regard their partner as submissive by ignoring their self-esteem and making them feel lower of themselves.


Do You Think That Your Partner is Dominant In The Relationship? 

If he does not value your opinions and ideas in the relationship and frequently controls the decision, he is showing dominance in the relationship. This the hardest point of a relationship, when your partner does not get the urge of asking your opinion concerning a certain issue.


If you are in a relationship and your partner does not value your opinion, there are chances that he does not value you either. You deserve a partner to respect and stand by your side. If you are looking for someone like that, has the perfect available matches for you. You need to sign up to find the ideal partner of your life, who will value and respect your personality.


One up and one down relationship makes the person devalue their significant partner. They will not appreciate their participation in different career-oriented activities. They would like them to dependent on them. This relationship will destroy the self-esteem of the partner. The dominant perspective gets in their heads, and they treat their partner rudely during normal daily activities.


A person should never allow anyone to devalue them or consider them inferior. If you are in a one up and one down relationship, you should end that relationship as soon as possible. surfaced the new horizon of love and relationship where you can float across skies and accumulate true love.


You should set some boundaries for your partner if he has been treating you badly and disrespectfully. You will need to take a stand to solve the situation for the sake of your love.  But be warned! being submissive to your partner will lose your self-worth. You will be dependent on him for all your needs and will lose freedom and control over life. A relationship requires the equal transfer of power when both partners respect each other’s opinions. You will face difficulties in establishing and defining your self-worth during the relationships.


If still, this relationship does not bring the best out it, it is better for you to leave. You deserve to be loved, valued and treasured. You deserve a partner to value your intelligence and encourage you to achieve goals in your life. You can find that ideal partner on

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