Open Your Heart and Love Will Find its Way In


You are probably wondering why there are people who can jump from one relationship into another, while you have been single for most of your life. Why do some of us struggle to find love while, while others have such an easy time going into the next relationship? The answer is easy – It’s because your heart isn’t open for love.


You may remember Jane Seymour from the days when she portrayed a strong and caring woman in Dr. Quinn Medicine woman. But nowadays she is an author of self-help and guidance books. And one of her most famous quotes is: “Keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in!”


Having a lot of personal respect for Mrs. Jane Seymour I do agree with her statement that love finds a way when you have an open heart. But what does it mean to have a closed heart? And how can you change it?


You may have a constant guard up because you are very scared of being hurt or having to deal with the disappointment of the relationship to come. You may also anticipate problems and you can only envision problems that may occur when you give someone a chance.


Maybe you have very high standards, you want your partner to be perfect. He has to tick all the boxes and your hopes are very high when it comes to expectations for the relationship itself.


All of the above-mentioned things are mindsets that prohibits you to be open for a relationship. Going into relationships are risky – but it can be a risk with a huge reward. We can’t look into the future, but if you don’t give relationships a chance. You will never know how beautiful and pure it can be.


It’s very natural to have a sense of fear when opening up your heart, but fear shouldn’t rule your actions and it shouldn’t cause you to not even try. Fear can be a horrible thing because it keeps us from doing fun and exciting things.


Expecting your partner and your relationship to be perfect, is so unrealistic. Even relationships that have lasted for years and years have probably worked through some really bad times. I’ve heard couples, who have been together for 20 years, say that there was a time in their marriage where they wanted to give up.


Having an open heart and willing to love and accept your partner’s faults will give you a special relationship. Having your guard up also means that you won’t put anything into your relationship. You need to give love to receive love and when your heart is closed off to romanticism then you will never find it.


The first step to opening up your heart will be to sign up for, by creating your profile and browsing through potential partners will let you come over your fear of commitment and opening up your heart.


You will soon find out that loving someone and accepting them is well worth the risk!

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