Perfect Guy

Do Perfect Guys Really Exist? How To Get One


Ever since we were little girls, we were taught about the traits of the perfect guy. Remember watching Disney princess films and Hollywood rom-coms? After years and decades of subconsciously observing these patterns, we have all developed our own image of Mr. Perfect. Is your Perfect Guy Mr. Big from Sex and the City? Or is it Thor from the Avengers? Maybe it’s Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings? If you’d look at what all these guys have in common, you’ll see that they… Are. Not. Real.


Reality or Fantasy


Perfect guys simply don’t exist. What does exist is our eternal fixation of perfection. We are constantly unfocused from actual men and the characteristics of real men from our everyday lives. The moral of the story: stop searching for the perfect guy! In this article, we will present the actual Mr. Perfect, a flawed guy, but who will make you happy and loved.


Care & Responsibilities


The guy who makes the effort will always go the extra mile. He’s serious about you, so he will never see anything as out of his reach to get you. The guy who makes the effort sees you like a princess. He knows you’re flawed and you have your quirks, but he happily accepts them. He wants to be with you and nothing will stop him in his way. If you look around carefully, you might notice this exact guy among your group of friends. He is always there, always supports you and cheers you on. When you look at it this way, it’s kind of silly that you didn’t notice him already. But this is very common among women. Instead of looking out for guys who treat us well, we chase the old Hollywood romance.


Not Backing Up


Whenever something bad happens, he is the first person that you ask for support. When you get great news, you pick up the phone and your hand types in his number almost instinctively. Instead of chasing the wrong guys, focus on the guy that actually does what he says. If he says he wants to spend time with you and then doesn’t call you for a week, he’s not perfect. If you set a date and he cancels in the last minute, he’s not perfect.


Looks & Commitment


He might be tall, good-looking, rich and self-confident, but you will never be number 1 in his book. You deserve someone who will put you first. How can you move away from this flawed idea of a perfect partner and find someone who genuinely cares for you? When you sign up at our website,, you will have a chance to meet tons of great guys. These are guys who are ready for serious commitments and marriage and they aren’t afraid to go the extra mile. The men who are waiting for you on will make the effort and treat you like you deserve to be treated. Are you ready to finally meet the actual Mr. Perfect?

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