The Defination of a Perfect Relationship – Know If You’re in One

Perfect relationship


Is there any worse feeling than someone leaving you? A great poet once said that the saddest poems of all time were “Please, don’t leave me” poems. This feeling is extremely hurtful and can be detrimental for your self-esteem and optimism for years and years. Someone has shown and told you that you are not perfect. You had so many flaws for them that they simply don’t want to be with you anymore. Sounds harsh? Well, that is the truth. And you need to hear it. Why? Because you will get over it, learn from the experience and find someone who will actually see you as perfect. What is the definition of the perfect relationship? It’s two flawed people seeing each other as perfect. This happens because their flaws are compatible and they make perfect relationship.




The great thing about someone leaving you because of your imperfections is that now you can finally find the one you’re perfect for. These are soul mates. You deserve to find your own. You deserved to be loved, respected and considered perfect. The best thing you can do is to learn from this relationship as much as you can. What did you do to hurt this person? If you look at the situation objectively and truthfully, you will find numerous occasions where you might have behaved better or told something different.


Truth is What’s Inside


Remember, it is not worth it to over analyze these things now and rack your brain about why it happened. But, deep inside, you know exactly what went wrong. You know the exact moments when you hurt your partner or you made them feel that you weren’t their perfect companion. Learn as much as you can from these moments. Did your partner start talking to you less at one point? Maybe they felt like you weren’t listening to them carefully enough. Maybe you even passed a mean remark on comment on one of their work stories. These tiny moments are what builds up a huge picture of a flawed individual your ex sees you as now.


Divine Perfection


Can you do something about it? No. It’s in the past and there is no way to change it now. You can only change your ways from this moment forward. Get ready for your next partner. Get ready for someone who will see you as pure, divine perfection. When you do find this person, remember the lessons from your previous relationship and apply them. Continue being the best version of yourself with the new person you’re with. And always remember, nobody’s perfect, and neither are you. If your partner cannot handle some of your flaws or wants you to change your ways, that’s not fair. You’re entitled to flaws just like everyone else. However, the only true flaw would be repeating the same mistakes all over again.


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