How to Deal With Post-Affair Depression

One of the worst things that can happen to anyone who is in a long-term loving relationship is when their partner cheats on them.

Infidelity happens because of a lot of different reasons. Perhaps they are bored within their own relationship, they feel unfulfilled or underappreciated, but whatever the reasons may be, nothing can be used as an excuse for cheating on someone you love.

Being the victim of infidelity can cause a lot of horrible symptoms within oneself. One of these effects is depression, more commonly known as a post-traumatic stress disorder. You can get PTSD whenever you experience something really stressful or traumatic. And having someone lie and betray you for a certain amount of time can cause all the symptoms of PTSD.

Symptoms include:

– Unstable emotions and feelings

– A feeling of isolation as if you aren’t living in the present, kind of having an out of body experience

– An extreme feeling of sadness, powerlessness, and brokenness

– Suicidal thoughts or other negative and intrusive thoughts

– Being in denial of what has happened and trying to find anything and everything to put the blame on or to justify what has happened

– Constantly looking for new information about the situation even though you know it will cause more pain

– A strong sense of confusion

– Inability to find joy and happiness in everyday things and losing interest in things that you once loved doing

Having PTSD after an affair can have even more horrible consequences. As the inability to think objectively and logically will not let you work towards a healthy solution or compromise.

If you are the victim you may end up pushing your spouse even further away, having them not regret what they have done.

It is very important that you deal with all the negative emotions first. Figuring out whether you want to stay with the person or not. Do you want to work through the infidelity and forgive your partner completely?

Many marriages have broken up because of infidelity but it is not uncommon for a couple to work through these issues together and achieve a new and reach a deeper relationship on the other side.

Seeing a couple’s therapist and talking through the problems to ultimately achieve a healthier relationship again, is something that should be agreed upon by both parties.

When you go into a Marriage only Relationship you know that you have to work through problems together. Signing up for a Marriage only Relationship through you know that you are going to be in a committed relationship where you are going to have to work through problems.

Marriage is about communication and working through problems together. Marriage isn’t always fun, easy and romantic. If you make the commitment of being in a marriage you need to know that infidelity could happen to you or your partner in the future. And that you have to do everything to prevent it.

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