Potential Couples

Potential Couples: If Time And Money Weren’t Issues


This question often pops up in my friend group. Once a month we all get together for a nice dinner and laugh and talk well into the night. We all work hard, and spend a great deal of our time on our careers, so, when we are together, letting off steam, many of us often wax poetic on what we would rather be doing than working. Some of us would be lounging on a beach, drinking mai-tais; others traveling the world, and some starting charitable organizations. Of course, this is fantasy, but I often wonder what this question would look like in the dating world. How would potential couples pair off when money and time weren’t issues?


Relaxed Dating


This is an interesting concept. Now, we have such fast-paced lifestyles, and the culture of dating has evolved around that. We need someone to fit into our lives and not the other way around. Our priority is to make sure that the person we choose is compatible with our current routine. They also need to have the same life goals as us, and that includes retirement targets. So, if time and money were of no issue, our entire criteria would change. I think we wouldn’t feel pressure to find that certain someone who checks all those proverbial boxes.

That initial meeting would go very differently. Instead of asking what the other person does for a living, you may ask what makes them happy or what kind of change they would like to see in our world. Because after all,  time and money are of no consequence, we have time to spend on matters that really, well, matter.


Money Changes People


Like it or not – money changes people. Whether they have it, are chasing it, or lack it; money is always at the forefront of our minds. I would be lying if I said money doesn’t change our current dating structure as well. When we take money out of the equation, we can focus on things that would truly make us the best version of ourselves. For example, we can eat healthier and take the time to support our wellbeing. We can put the time and effort into self-care and the way we look. And the biggest hurdles that couples constantly run into time and time again are that of financial concerns.

When we take that completely out of the picture – what will that do to the dating world? It’s an exciting thought, for sure. Money determines everything – where you live, eat, what you do for fun, and your quality of life. Having those uncomfortable money talks will be completely eliminated – and you can discuss topics that you can truly sink your teeth in. I asked this to one of my single friends and she said that if she had the time and money, then she would look for a partner that would want to dedicate their time to ending world hunger together. From her answer, I was inspired to learn more. I asked several people, both married and single, what they would do if money and time weren’t issues.


Kevin, 31


If money and time weren’t an issue, I would definitely find a partner that I could travel the world with. I would love to live a nomadic life with someone and explore every crevice of this beautiful world. We would maybe live in a different country every year. And we would try to leave a positive impact on every place we visit – it’s important to educate ourselves on the people and culture living there.


Nadia, 38


I would have more kids. My husband and I stopped at two because of resources. I would have loved to have more children, but it just wasn’t an economic decision for us – between schooling and general expenses, most of our time and money goes to our children now and more would have been a big burden on us. So the idea of having more, and being able to give them more is an exciting prospect.


Victoria, 25


I would find a partner that wants to tackle the ever-growing concerns of climate change. And we would just put everything into finding a solution. We wouldn’t have to consider governmental support; we could just push forward with the hopes of a better future.


Bill, 42


Go to space! The world is simply just not enough and if our resources were unlimited, we could explore that great beyond. I couldn’t think of a more romantic environment then floating around with that perfect someone in the most serene setting.


Mark, 59


What an interesting question! Well, since I’m close to retiring and can reflect on my years working, I would say that I would spend more time with my family. That might not be the most exotic answer, but if I think about what’s the most important thing in life, it’s head and shoulders, above all else, family. My work has taken me away from my wife and children a lot of times, so I would kill to have that time with them.


Edward, 23


I would buy an island, and my girlfriend and I would go and live there away from everyone. But, I would build a compound for my friends and family and it would be a huge party. Then I would figure out a way for all of us to live forever, and just live our best life.


Did some of these answers surprise you? I think this question often brings out those ‘go big or go home’ feelings. And rightfully so, we can’t just pick up and travel on a moments notice, for instance. Most, if not all, of us, have many responsibilities that keep us from doing things we would rather be doing. But, one constant theme that I found fascinating was that nearly everyone still focused on finding someone that they were compatible with. Having the same values and morals, is critical, no matter the amount of time and money you have.




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