Priority: What Happens When Your Guy Puts You First


It’s an all too common occurrence for women to be taken for granted. And to be treated like the lesser gender and viewed as sex objects. This has been going on for so long that women have actually gotten used to it. This kind of behavior seeing it as a normal state of affairs. In fact, it’s become so standard that well-intentioned men are severely under-appreciated. But now with the advent of women empowerment, they became a priority.


Ignorance For Women


So many guys treat women poorly that it has come to be expected. Not only have lies and fake intentions become the norm. Traditionally men have often put their careers ahead of their partner’s happiness. Understandably to have a life together you need to have solid career goals. But if it’s at the cost of your significant other’s contentment. Then it’s essentially going to have more of a negative impact on the relationship than a positive one. A lot of men also tend to be very selfish, putting their own desires before the needs of their girlfriend or wife. With a selfish man, everything from important life choices to basic leisure activities will always lean in favor of his wishes.

Is that really the type of person you see yourself starting a future with? Surely you’d want to spend your life with someone more caring? This article might also be able to help you out. Unfortunately these days, nice guys usually finish last. So many women have become conditioned to the narcissistic nature of the average guy, that when a good-hearted guy comes along, he is shut down or simply kept on the sidelines as an option.


Acceptance Of Man


If a woman finds a genuinely decent guy, she should hold on to him whole-heartedly. The respect he gives her, the acceptance he offers, and his loving embrace should be cherished. She’ll find that he gives her the time and attention she deserves. Her opinion and her feelings are always considered before he makes any big decisions. She doesn’t have to worry about him cheating on her because no other woman can compare to her in his mind. He’ll give her the protection she needs but also the freedom to be her own person. He’ll be there for her in a time of need but he’ll also give her space when it’s required. He won’t restrict her from trying to reach her goals. He won’t try and control or manipulate her so that he can have his way.


Trust & Reliability


A deep level of trust and reliability begins to form between them that acts as the solid foundation that will carry the relationship forward through the difficult trials that await. Finding a man like this will ultimately mean a lot more in the long run than giving in to feelings of infatuation over some average jerk who will never truly appreciate the woman he’s with. A guy who puts his partner first is the kind of man who is marriage material and will stick with her through thick and thin. This is the type of guy women should be searching for, not the single-minded men who only want to take advantage of any woman who entertains him.




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