Qualities of a Beautiful Heart

Often times we know what we don’t want out of significant other in a relationship. Liars, cheaters, and drama queens need not apply. But when it comes to what we actually want, it’s a question that is frequently left unanswered because when it comes to the matters of the heart – well, it’s anyone’s guess. But one quality that stands head and shoulders above the rest is that of a genuine and pure heart.


This might be something that not everyone thinks about when they make their dating profile, but it’s something that everyone truly wants. So what makes a beautiful heart? This is obviously a subjective question. But, there are a few general qualities that someone with a beautiful heart and soul will personify.


Truthful – If this isn’t what everyone wants in a relationship, I don’t know where you would end up. It’s the foundation of every relationship and without it, there’s no relationship to have.


Humble – This might not be something someone realizes they want out of a partner, but it’s a crucial characteristic. A relationship demands that each other check their egos at the door.


Loyal – Well, who doesn’t want a partner that doesn’t have a wandering eye or heart? But, being loyal goes beyond cheating. Being loyal can also mean being faithful to relationship obligations, allegiances, thoughts, and engagements.


Generous – This is not just with material items, because we all know materialism is not sustainable – but someone who is generous with their feelings, time and patience make an ideal partner.


Caring – A mate who cares is an essential part of any healthy relationship. He or she listens when you get home after a tough day at work, or talks through your issues with your sister. Sometimes it’s just a simple acknowledgment or an up-all-night conversation – but a caring partner will never make you feel alone.


Forgiving – This one is a hard quality to always have. Because forgiveness is easier said than done. But, for a person to hold onto every fight or disappointment it would not only be a difficult relationship to navigate, but it also has the potential to turn toxic. Forgiveness is something to practice, learn and grow from – we can’t expect perfection, but we can work strive for improvement.

It is vital for two of you to know what you want out of a relationship. Because your partner is a direct reflection of who you are. So the qualities that they exhibit should be in line with your values and ethics. It’s very hard to find the perfect person, and sometimes we tend to forget that. We are all a work in progress, so someone who is working on himself or herself should not be discounted as a mate. When you are soul mate searching, dig deep into yourself and have a check-in. What do want for yourself spiritually? Experience –wise? We all want someone who will bring out the best in us, so when choosing to remember that we all come in a variety of shapes, sizes and make – but a beautiful heart is a fundamental value we all should have.

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