Qualities of Men

What Women Really Want in Men? Interesting


Tall, dark and handsome – these are the qualities of men often uttered by women when asked what they looking for. Women aren’t all the same and don’t all look for this stereotypical man. So what do women want in a partner? All relationships have roots in a solid friendship before progressing to something more. In its most basic form, women want a masculine partner who treats her fairly, shows respect, is romantic and accepts the woman for who she is, without attempting to change her.


Confidence is Attractive

Women look for confident men who are sure of themselves. The perfect partner is assertive and has a presence in his life. He stands up for what he believes in and shows integrity, whilst being accountable for his actions. You should have mutual respect for each other. Trust and honesty are vital traits that women look for in a partner. You need to show maturity in your words and actions. Being childish is not attractive to a woman. Show you are an independent individual that can communicate in an honest manner. Your potential partner should feel that she can trust you completely.


Considerations for Her Feelings

Women want a man who is sensitive and can support her when she is down. You need to be considerate of her emotions and be able to show compassion, empathy, and kindness. Patience is always necessary when dealing with your woman. Your woman may rely on you to help her make decisions or to validate her actions. You need to be aware of biases against women, such as gender discrimination. If she approaches you with a situation of discrimination, then you need to support her and listen – you will make the situation worse by not paying attention.


You need to let her be vulnerable but make her stronger. Displays of brute force, such as punching a guy for making her upset, is not the way to go. Emotional maturity shows you are aware of her situation and will protect her. Treat her as your equal and not as weak.


Chemistry and Intimacy

All women want a man with an “X”-factor and that can make their heart skip a beat. This isn’t just about the sex; intimacy can be shown by being romantic, having intellectual conversations and spoiling her with flowers. Saying I love you is important in the relationship and your woman wants to know that she is special to you. Sex is also important to your woman and you need to be considerate in this regard. Talk openly about what is allowed and try new experiences. Don’t expect sexual favors in return for treating her; you cannot by her love. Make her feel special and love will follow.

Women know what they want from men and it is normal characteristics. Confidence, empathy, and intimacy are vital in attracting the right woman. Once you find her, treat her, value her, and show you can support her.

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