116. Influence of Celebrity culture on you and your partner

This question seeks to establish to what extent celebrities influence your partner’s life. Some people admire celebrities for their various talents and achievements whilst others consider them demi-gods and let the opinion of such personalities shape their own opinion.

The latter may not be a good thing if the person they follow has a negative impact on society.

Questions to ask and make your judgement on are:

  • Do you keep up to date with the latest celebrity trends? If yes, How?
  • Do you buy merchandise or brands that celebrities have been paid to advertise?
  • Do you seek to buy the latest offerings from a popular brand you saw a celebrity wearing just because you want the approval of others?
  • Is your ideal image based on a celebrity?
  • Are you interested in the drama and gossip surrounding famous actors, musicians, socialites etc?
  • Do you know any celebrities personally?
  • What shows do you watch on TV (be aware of superficial shows like Kardashians)
  • How many hours do you spend a day/week watching/reading things about celebrities?

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