15. How do you spend your free time?

I encourage you to expand upon this question. The more you talk, the more you will learn. It could be that you don’t agree with the other person’s hobbies or vice versa, or maybe you will find the person’s passion for something an attractive quality and make you like them.

If you share the same hobbies then it will help in spicing up your marriage. If not, you’ll definitely need to give each other some time. Hobbies are meant to help people relax. Some go to the gym, some take piano lessons, whilst others choose to spend time with their friends, etc.

Also be sure to confirm if you and your partner would wish to be together during your spare time. Sometimes people like to be alone or with their friends and this isn’t always a bad thing, but if you aren’t in agreement this will cause doubt and conflict within your marriage.

Points to ponder:

  • Do you share the same interests?
  • Will you still be able to continue with your hobby when married?
  • Will their hobby affect the family’s finances?

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