20. talk about your education

With this question, you want to find out about each other’s education level and your attitudes towards different types of education. Find out if they were home schooled or if they went to a public or private school and how that moulded them into the person they are today.

People’s opinions on education can differ hugely so talk about your own views and debate. Think to yourself if you can accept the other person’s outlook even if it differs from yours.

Try talk about

  • What is your current education level?
  • Do you plan any further education?
  • If you do how much time and resources will this take up and will it cause a problem in your marriage?
  • How do you feel about your education and that of the person opposite you?
  • Do you agree with each others view on education?
  • What priority is education is your life?
  • How would you educate your children? And to what level. Public or private school etc

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