34. What are the grounds for divorce?

Divorce is often not what people speak about before getting married. But this is the “Practical Marriage Guide” after all and no matter how unconventional or uncomfortable it seems, we are talking about it. To ensure we too don’t become part of the 50% divorce rate statistics.

When addressing this question, you and your potential partner must set boundaries on what is permissible in the marriage and discuss what could ultimately bring about divorce.

Think about who owns what, who has custody of any possible children, who will move out of the family home. There is much to think about. Therefore it is wise to ensure that you and your future husband or wife are on the same page when it comes to divorce.

Ideally, matching answers to this question will be vital in helping you both have a long and happy marriage.

People I love you, I wish divorce on no family and as uncomfortable as this question is… please don’t skip it.

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