What is “Rebound Love”

When you end a relationship, you can go through intense feelings of sadness, hurt, anger and many more. This can happen even if you’re the one who has ended the relationship. So, naturally, you’re trying to find something that will take your mind of the hurt and sorrow.


Some people decide to take advantage of this new-found freedom and alone time by focusing on their interests and hobbies.


Others simply increase the time they spend with their friends and family. This is great because increasing social interactions in a time of grief and sadness can definitely help you get back on your feet more quickly.


However, one of the best and tried-out recipes for getting over a failed relationship is rebound love.

What is Rebound Love?

A rebound relationship is a type of relationship where you find a new partner soon after ending your last relationship. It’s meant to boost your self-esteem, get you back on track and help you forget your ex. Many people practice this as a post-breakup remedy. Some even swear by it as the most effective method of letting go of your ex-partner. So, let’s take a look at what it’s all about.


Pros of Rebound Relationships

If you’re feeling hurt and self-conscious about your breakup, a rebound love can definitely help you. It’s a way to get out of the thinking spiral “I’ll never find anyone else“. When you enter a rebound relationship soon after you ended your last one, it will leave your self-confidence and ego intact.


It’s also a great way to remain social. One of the crucial things when facing a hard breakup is not to isolate yourself. Dating someone new will give you a fresh, new perspective and you’ll make some good memories along the way.


However, one of the greatest perks of rebound love is that you simply stop thinking about your ex. When you’re caught up in a new relationship, you’re less likely to obsess over your past relationship, your ex and what went wrong. If you’re feeling infatuation for someone else, it’s the quickest way to get over a breakup.


Cons of Rebound Relationships

First of all, even though finding a rebound love might seem like a good idea, in the long-term, it won’t help you solve the hurt and trauma related to your breakup. The only real way in which you can get over it and move on with your life is by embracing all of your feelings and learning from the process. When you find rebound love as soon as you break up, you’re not letting yourself process your emotions properly.


Secondly and more importantly, you’re dealing with another human being. No one deserves being a person’s tool to get over someone else. So, before you get into a rebound relationship, make sure you share with your new partner that you’ve recently broken up with someone and what your relationship means to you.


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