Self-centered people

When you go into a committed relationship you are basically making a vow that you’ll be selfless and considerate throughout the remainder of your days together. Sometimes you have to sacrifice and put their needs before yours. This is what love and commitment are all about.

Perhaps you are the only one who is abiding by these rules. Maybe you are with someone so self-centered that you are putting in everything you can to try and make the relationship work, while they are just going with the motions and not making any effort.

Here are some signs that you are in a relationship with someone extremely self-centered:

  1. They only talk about themselves

When you are truly in love with someone, you want to hear everything about their day and about their lives. When you are with someone self-centered, they won’t even remember what you told them yesterday.

  1. They want all the support without giving you any

You have to be their number one support system when they are facing something challenging or when they are going through something difficult. But whenever you need their support, emotionally, financially or physically – they disappear or even worse, try to turn the tables so that the attention stays on them.

  1. They keep score

They will use phrases like, “But I did this and that for you!” or “It’s your turn, ‘cause I did so and so.” They never do anything without wanting something back.

  1. They only do something nice when they can get something in return

When they walk into the house and they start complimenting you or they give you coffee out of the blue it’s almost instantly that they ask for something in return. You will find yourself asking, “What do you want?” when they start treating you nicely.

  1. They never make sacrifices

Most of the time you will be spending special occasions with their family and friends. You will be doing everything that they want to do. Your own hobbies and interests are taking the back seat to make way for everything that they want to do. They never seem to give up anything to give you what you want.


Being in a relationship with someone selfish can be draining. Perhaps it’s time that you meet someone who can give you all the love in the world. can give you someone who can commit to you selflessly and endlessly. Trying this world’s first marriage only matchmaking site can help you find the perfect partner where it’s a give-and-take relationship and not a you-give-and-give-and-give relationship.

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