Selfish Boyfriend

Selfish Boyfriend: How to Deal With Him


In a relationship, it’s essential to be with someone who is supportive of you and your goals. Being with someone who doesn’t really care about your feelings, your relationship satisfaction, or your accomplishments. It means it a guarantee that partnership will fail in the long run. Women tend to be more nurturing and empathetic, and typically men are the ones who lack in these areas. Let us take a look at some common signs that suggest you have a selfish boyfriend.

You feel like you’re always tagging along


A frequent selfish trait is when your partner always chooses where you go out. Whether it’s a club, a movie, a friend’s house, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Most of the time. They decide where you end up and you feel like you never have any say in the matter. You’re just being drag along to their agenda. They tend to choose every little detail of your daily routine. They will make you feel like you are owned by them and they possess every right to manipulate yourself. If you’re feeling sick of these situations and found yourself in one of them, then its time to get rid of your selfish boyfriend. Try, Where you’ll find your perfect like-minded partner.

Emotionally unavailable


This is when your partner either doesn’t have the emotional capacity to understand you on a deeper level. Or they only care about their own emotional state. You’ll feel that you have left to fight against your own emotional integrity; like instead of being in an actual relationship, you’re just an accessory to their life.

Sexually selfish


In general, women take longer to climax than men, but if a man learns how to take control, it shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to satisfying his woman. But if he doesn’t care about his wife or girlfriend’s contentment, then he’ll just perform long enough for his own pleasure and then carry on with his day. If he really cared about his partner, he would make sure that she is happy both emotionally and physically. If your partner treats you this way, then they don’t appreciate you as they should.


Stand Up For Yourself


These articles might help you define your situation a bit better. Maybe they are genetically conditioned or have been raised to be selfish, but the fact remains that if you truly mattered to them, they would be actively working on their selfish tendencies to make you feel loved. Another possibility is that it’s actually your fault! If you don’t stand up for yourself or make the effort to take control and have your way from time to time, your partner will learn that you’re a push-over and they can simply do whatever they want. You need to make them realize that they need to change and learn to respect you. You need to communicate exactly how you feel and if they don’t listen, give them a taste of their own medicine.


Next time an appropriate situation shows up, insist on doing things for your own selfish reasons so they can understand how it feels to be forced to take a back seat. If they still don’t realize that their behavior won’t be tolerated, then you should think about finding someone who will actually be grateful to have you in their life. Relationships are about balance; it simply won’t work if one person’s narcissistic traits overwhelm the dynamic.



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