Single Parent Dating


Divorce is hard on all parties involved, especially for the children. However, once everything is finalized the dust eventually settles. There will likely come a time when you want to start dating again. Many single parents fall to avoid dating and taking on a new partner out of a fear of how the children will react. Dating as a single parent is possible and natural. With time guidance the children will learn to accept the new person in your life.


Guilt is a major factor that stops many single parents from dating after a divorce. It’s natural for them to worry about their children and are a condition to put the child’s happiness first over that of their own. There is nothing to feel guilty about. It is only natural that you would want to regain a social life and date again. Although it will be an adjustment, most children are happier when their parent is happy.


Be open and honest from the beginning about the fact that you have children. Leaving this realization until after a few dates can be potentially heartbreaking. The stigma attached to single parenthood is gone and loads of adults are in the same situation so there is no reason to hide the truth. If you have online dating profiles or still meet people in person make sure they know you are a single parent. Children often act as a very good detector. If the person has a problem with you having children then the relationship is doomed from the start. It’s a great way to cut through those that are just out to waste your time and mess you about.


Confidence is key. You will likely be nervous when you go on that very first date with someone new. This is completely normal and is actually a very positive sign. It means you are growing as a person and ready to step out of your comfort zone to embrace something new. Before the first date just tries to focus on all of the challenges you have overcome and all the wonderful reasons there are for someone to want to date you. You will be surprised at how many there are. If you struggle to get that first date as a single parent sign up to You will surely find plenty of people that will find you interesting.


Time is of the essence. Being a single parent takes up a lot of time. Between the family responsibility and work, its easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is no time to date. When you feel ready, make the time. Anyone can find time for a quick coffee, lunch date or drink. Take an hour and meet up with that person of interest. They might be flattered that you are taking the tie out of your busy day just for them.


Take care of your physical health. Making time for dating is important. Equally important is to make time for your physical health. Exercise is good for the body and mind. Start with taking a walk or light jog while the kids are away in school and build up from there. Your body will feel better and your confidence will grow.

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