Subtle Controlling Behavior – How To Deal With It.

You must be feeling that your partner is controlling you, and this behaviour is going up with the passage of time. It must be a depressing time for you as you wouldn’t have desired your relationship to be turned out as it is now.


First, you need to understand either you are actually facing subtle behaviour or not. It will be like slow poisoning. You partner will be limiting your activities after becoming extra-possessive. Remember, being possessive is not a bad thing, but when it crosses a certain limit, it is harmful to your relationship.


Some signs include their possessiveness about your time. He or she will be keeping a closer eye where you go and what you do there. They may also ask you why you visit someplace times and again. It will be a problematic situation for you if you have some serious business at that destination.


They can become frustrated with your social circle. It can lead to a temporary or permanent ban on your catching up with friends and some family members. Their focus will be to limit your life and redesign it according to their likes and dislikes.


They will ask you some illogical questions about your daily engagements. They will check your location time to time and go an extra mile on keeping a track on your activities. In a nutshell, they will be following your just like a detective, and you will feel suffocated after this all chasing and dictation.


Follow a simple rule that love is the name of freedom with logical possession. It is rather of if you find your partner getting jealous of your admirers. It shows that he or she is extra curious to have you for the whole of life. You do not need to do anything about this as it is a positive possessive behaviour.


What to do if your partner is dictating terms?

If you feel that your partner is controlling you, it is always a good idea to sit down and narrate your concerns. It will make your partner understand that you feel bad about the way he or she is acting and reacting. Tell them that you do not feel comfortable in such a situation.


You can also be tricky to do the same with the person for a couple of days to make him or her feel how it affects you. It is human psychology that most of the times, we do not stand in other’s shoe to look at the situation. If you think that all your efforts are in vain, you better dissolve the relation and join to get the best match for you.

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