The Best Way to Get Over a Relationship

There’s a popular saying that the best way to get over a relationship, is to get under a new one. But, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s really not that black and white. Dating experts all have their own theories on how to handle the inevitable heartbreak, and there is countless literature dedicated to the topic(ways to get over your ex). But, something that all the experts can agree on is the importance of self – care after a breakup.


What is self – care? Simply put, it’s the act of improving one’s health – body, mind, and spirit. Sometimes a breakup can be a blessing in disguise because it can kick start a healthier and more positive you.  You can take this opportunity to focus on yourself and honor your body in ways you didn’t before.


Make Healthier Food Choices– It’s hard to think when our brain is foggy and disorganized. The food we choose to fuel ourselves is so important because it has the power to regulate not just our body, but our mind as well. Put down the processed junk for more wholesome, nutrient dense choices, and head over to your local farmer’s market to the season’s latest offerings.


Get Moving– No need to purchase an expensive gym membership. Take a walk, get some vitamin D, and breathe in some fresh air. Taking a walk can help to clear some of those sad, negative thoughts away and start to make sense of your situation. While walking you can listen to music or an audiobook, or simply enjoy the sounds of nature. This can be a sacred time just for you and tantamount to meditation.


Reach Out– During this time your support system is vital. And a support system can come in many forms. From family and friends to a Facebook group or a therapist.


Allow Yourself Time to Heal – The truth of the matter is that healing from a breakup doesn’t happen overnight. Moving on too quickly may be a lofty goal for many of us. If you take the time and allow yourself to truly feel those uncomfortable emotions, you will not only deepen your understanding of yourself, but you acknowledge much of the hurt and pain and it will be easier to let it go. One way to do this is by keeping a journal.


Stay Off Social Media – Ignore the impulse to refresh your ex’s social media page 50 times a day. You don’t need to check up on him or her. It will only throw you deeper into a depression, especially if they have moved on quicker than you have.


Clean Up– Literally clean up space around you. Take advice from and ask yourself what sparks joy. Throw away broken or unused items. Go through your clothes. A tidy house is a tidy mind. When you reduce clutter, you are able to breathe easier and think more clearly.


Only you know when you are ready to move on and start dating again. When you are ready to get serious and find that long-term romantic partner, places like GoMarry will hold your hand every step of the way.

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