The Right Relationship

Finding the right relationship is no easy candy to swallow, it often feels impossible.

If you take time to go walk in the park on an early Saturday morning you will see happy relationships all around. Old people to young people and everything in between. We all desire to find that perfect relationship with which we can live life to the max and enjoy the company of the person we love.

Imagine you are busy building a puzzle. Halfway through the puzzle, you realize that a few puzzle pieces are missing. This will make it impossible to complete the puzzle 100%. This can be frustrating because you cannot complete the puzzle the way it was meant to be completed.

But imagine you finish a 1500-piece puzzle. You spent a very long time to complete it. Through many long nights and times where you felt like throwing in the towel, you are about to put in the last piece. It fits perfectly, you stand back and admire the final product. Right there you realize all the hard work was worth it.

The same is true for finding the right relationship. It can be hard work and takes up a lot of time and effort. Only to conclude that some pieces are missing, and this relationship cannot function the way it is meant to function. This can be due to a difference in values, lack of commitment or anything that brings separation in a relationship.

But finding the right relationship is like building a puzzle with all the needed pieces. You still need to put in the hard work and effort but in the end, you can stand back and enjoy the greater result. You know you are in the right relationship because all the pieces fit together, and you and your partner are suitable without it being forced into place.

Marriage only Relationships enforce this idea of finding the right relationship. With two people being fully compatible from the start. It isn’t fun building a puzzle knowing that not all the pieces are present.

Sign up to were we understand that all the pieces must fit perfectly in a relationship, just like a puzzle. Set up a marriage meeting to discuss how you can start building towards the future, together with your partner.

Your next marriage meeting can be the start of your own love puzzle. It is thrilling and exciting to build a future together with a partner who has the same relationship goal.

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