Transparency: How not to Shy Away From Tough Conversation


Do you consider that your partner is hiding something from you? Are you a believer of true transparency in a relationship? Do you wish to initiate an open conversation with him or her about the issue; however, you are afraid of the consequences associated with it? It can be extremely difficult to initiate conversation, and no confrontation while waiting for the problem to get better by itself could result in worse circumstances. Here are some tips which you can follow in such a situation:



  1. Understand the partner’s habits


Relationships could be difficult in terms of understanding your partners’ habits. It is important to analyze and communicate with your partner to understand a certain matter. Remember, you should not be shy in discussing tough situations with your partner. Your understanding and transparency with each other will build trust in the relationship. However, if you chose to stay quiet, your partner will never realize the corrupt role that they have been playing, and this will continue in the long run. The lack of approaching our partners is often recognized as the self-handicapped situation, which we chose for our relationship.


  1. Give space to open up


Some people might be open with their feelings and opinions; however, they end up staying quiet in their relationship. These people do not understand that their small efforts can change the whole look of their relationship. They develop a small shell around them and do not share anything with their partners. The most effective way of building transparency is generating healthy communication with your partner.  When you decide to express your concerns with your partner; then your relationship becomes stronger. Your communication and decision to bring tough topics to the conversation enhances the transparency of your relationship.


  1. Keep transparency


In addition, your effort illustrates that you care for your relationship and the little or big things associated with it. This transparency will eventually build trust in your relationship. However, if you discover something suspicious in your partner’s relationship, then it is totally your decision to continue or leave the relationship. Perhaps, you can find another partner who will be loyal to you at However, it is important to do your investigation and does not follow some blind believes. If you do not look into the matter properly, then there are chances you will lose a reliable person.


  1. Do not try to change them


It is not useful to change the less likable parts of your partner’s character. It is significant to understand that we cannot change other people. We should be enduring and serene in an approach to make an adjustment in the relationship. Discussing issues and understanding the imperfect personalities of people around us, could bring you on the same page with your partner or could separate your ways from each other. You can make your relationship work by small adjustments and establish transparency in it. It is your decision to continue and enjoy the relationship or stay quiet.


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