Trust Issues

Trust Issue: How to Overcome This Fear


All of us have experienced hurt and pain at some point in our lives. You’re wondering how to trust someone again. Needless to say, such feelings can be really devastating and destructive. You don’t want to trust anybody because of your trust issue. As a matter of fact, trust is the fundamental pillar of all successful relationships. So you’ve to overcome the fear if you want to develop a strong relationship in the future. Let me give you some tips to overcome this fear.

Start a new relationship with a fresh mindset

You must keep in mind the fact that everybody is not similar to your ex. you must not bring past emotions into this fresh relationship. You may be hurt in the past but it will not happen every time. If you think that everybody will hurt you, it’s not a good approach. Such an approach is not going to help you with your new relationship. You must give a fair chance with an open heart to your new potential lover. Forget your past and look forward to a bright future.

Give yourself time to heal

After a breakup, you must give yourself time to recover from the pain of distrust. There are chances that you’ll become a victim of distrust again. You must start dating again only when you feel comfortable and confident about your choices.

Time to trust yourself

Trust in your ability and judgment to make the right choices. You must not blame yourself for developing a relationship with the wrong person in the past. It can happen to anybody. Never doubt yourself based on your past bad experience. Think about the decisions that brought positive outcomes to your life.


Forgiveness is important. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should forgive the person who hurt you but you must forgive yourself. You may be thinking you must be vigilant enough to identify that person who hurt you. But you must think that your intentions were good and you wanted to build a relationship. You tried all the things to make your relationship a perfect one. So forgive yourself.

Get help from the therapist

If you still feel like trusting another person is an impossible feat, then you must seek help from a professional. He will tell you the main cause of the issue. After that, he will formulate a recovery package for you to get rid of the fear of distrust.

Learn lessons

You must learn lessons from your past relationship. Evaluate that relationship and check what went wrong. What are your shortcomings in judging that person who hurt you? In this way, you can make a better choice. You can make better decisions regarding your new relationship.

Relationships are essential for a happy life. So you must try to learn trust even after being hurt and betrayed.

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