Tumultuous Relationship

Are you in a tumultuous relationship? Do you know what this term means? The truth is many people do not. The word tumultuous implies, unbalance or overpowering. It is true that all relationships go through their ups and downs but one that is tumultuous can actually be dangerous. They are highly emotional and can lead to hurt and even abuse. If you are tired of being in a tumultuous relationship, go sign up to Gomarry.com. You may find that perfect someone to bring balance into your life.


Tumultuous relationships sound like most other relationships on the surface. Yes, at times all couples have a surge of emotion. However, they eventually resolve issues and move on. Tumultuous couples seem to argue over the same things time and time again. It can be a large issue like money or something small and insignificant. The difference is nothing ever seems to get resolved and the arguments flare up again.


Manipulation is often used in tumultuous relationships. One partner will use this trick to get their way over the other. There are many forms of manipulation but using guilt is one of the most commonly used methods.


Codependency is another common element in a tumultuous relationship. One partner may be highly dependant on the other. They are afraid to leave because the thought of being alone it either frightening or leads to anxiety and depression. They convince themselves that they are happy and better off with this person rather than facing the problems and risking being on their own.


Tumultuous couples tend to go to extremes. When they are happy the world is perfect. They are convinced that they are in the best relationship and their partner can do no wrong. When they are sad the opposite occurs. They are convinced that it is the end of their relationship and nothing is going right for them.


Tumultuous people often need constant validation. They often drive their friends crazy with questions about what they are doing right or wrong and if they should continue on with their partner. Friends are not often the best source of advice and even if they were the tumultuous person would like not to listen anyway unless it was what they wanted to hear.


Tumultuous people tend to break up and get back together over and over again. Each time they return to each other it is the same thing again. None of the issues that broke them up, to begin with, getting changed so the cycle continues. Soon things will return to the way they were and the couple will split again.


There is help for tumultuous couples. Each person in the relationship can first concentrate on themselves more rather than the other. If they work to make themselves happy and fulfilled then they are going to be better partners. Therapy is also another possibility. Talking through issues with a neutral third party can open the lines of communication and get both people involved on the path to addressing the issues.

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