What are the Different Types of Attraction?

Attraction: How to Differentiate Types of Attraction?

The word attraction seems to have become synonymous with sexual desire, but this is not necessarily the case


While sexual and romantic attractions are very real. We can also experience certain forms of attraction in our platonic relationships as well. Read: https://articles.gomarry.com/new-relationship-how-to-guarantee-a-successful-outcome/

Given that we are all unique and complex creatures. Each person will experience certain types of attractions more than others for no apparent reason.

What makes attractions all the more mysterious is that in certain cases it can change as time passes.

Let’s take a look at the different forms of attraction and how they manifest.


Romantic Attraction

A romantic appeal is different from sexual appeal although they often go hand in hand. However, it is possible to experience one without the other.

This type of attraction is sometimes called a crush. And the feelings experienced are stronger than the attractions you would feel towards a potential new friend.

A desire for a romantic relationship involves wanting to get to know a person and to spend time with them doing romantic things.


Sexual Attraction

Not everyone experiences sexual attractions to the same degree. Greysexuals hardly ever feel the desire to have sex and asexuals never feel it.  But even so, this doesn’t mean that they are opposed to being sexually active.

Most people will experience sexual attractions as a physical sensation known as arousal, or lust. The desire to touch or be touched by another person is not necessarily linked to emotions so much as primal instinct.


Aesthetic Attraction

I personally experience a lot of aesthetic attractions whenever I leave the house, usually to members of the same sex even though I am straight.

It feels like a magnetic appreciation and admiration of the way somebody looks. Their appearance lifts your mood and can even cause you to experience a sense of absolute wonder.

Often confused with sexual attractions, it is more about deriving pleasure simply from staring at someone, without feeling the need to take things further.

Of course, aesthetic attraction can give rise to sexual attraction in some cases – but not all.


Physical Attraction

Also known as a sensual appeal, a physical appeal is the desire to touch another person in a non-sexual way. For example, you might feel a desire to hug your friend after you haven’t seen them for a while.

When your aunt squeezes your arm it is a form of physical attraction. Small children also have this kind of affectionate platonic attraction with their parents. They enjoy cuddles or being kissed on the head or cheek.


Emotional Attraction

As you may have guessed, emotional attachment manifests as a desire to be emotionally present with someone.

The feeling will guide you towards who you are willing to share personal details with, and want to connect with.

This type of attraction can be experienced in any type of relationship and it is healthy to have several people that you feel comfortable sharing your feelings with.

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