secrets you are allowed to keep in relationship

The Secrets You’re Allowed to Keep In a Relationship

We all have secrets and some truths are just simply too hard to swallow and it might be better to keep some things to yourself

Everyone already knows that relationships are about honesty, intimacy, and openness. However, we all know that this is not always the case in real situations.

If you’re wondering which secrets are ok to keep from your partner, here are some:


Sex History

The number of past sexual partners is a touchy subject for most people. If you recall your past conversations about this topic, have they ever lead to something positive? Discussing each other’s sex history has absolutely zero possible benefits.

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Private Family Secrets

Even though the consensus is that you should share all kinds of intimate details, secrets and traumatic stories from the past with your partner, you’re completely right to keep your family secrets safe.

No matter how much your partner means to you, a family is family, and they have been with you long before you met your new boo.


Petty Relationship Doubts and Flaws

If you have doubts about your relationship and compatibility, it’s up to you to determine how serious they are. If you think you would be much happier if you left the relationship, this is definitely something you should discuss with your partner.

However, if you are bugged by small doubts or nagging little questions in your head. There’s no need to share your secrets with your partner. This will only create an atmosphere of insecurity and instability.


Thoughts about Ex-Partners

Ex talk is not prohibited, but just like sex history conversation, it rarely leads to something good and positive. If you think your ex-partner was better than your current partner in some aspects, you should definitely keep it to yourself.

You might feel slightly guilty for not communicating this, but trust us, nobody wants to hear how their partner misses something about their ex.

If the topic comes up (and it surely will), you don’t owe your partner any information related to your previous partners. Your past is in the past and you have a right to keep it private and secret if you want to. On the other hand, if you think that keeping your ex-sex life private will do more harm than good, determine which ex info is bee-friendly.


Change Suggestions

If you would like your partner to change something about themselves, it’s wiser to keep silent. Transparency and honesty are laudable, but when you think about it, would you like it if your partner criticized your height?

Or, would you rather that they express it instead of keeping it in their head only? Every person is different and you can safely determine which strategy is the best for your relationship, but criticizing something a person cannot change can only do harm.


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