What Are The Things That Don't Impress Him At All

The Things That Don’t Impress Him At All – Beware

So you have met a guy that you really like, maybe even here at GoMarry.com, and you really want to make sure you impress him, but what should you do and what shouldn’t you do?


In a relationship, impressing him is not easy.  As I have said on many occasions, everyone is different. So different guys are going to be impressed by different things. With that said though, there are a few specific things which you should definitely try to avoid, as those things don’t impress him at all, and they are:

If you manage to avoid these four points, then the chances are you will make a good impression, but here is why these four things are so annoying to a man.


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Of course, every girl loves to put some makeup on when they are meeting their man. But you really do need to know the limits of how much to use. While men do like a girl to look her best, they also want to see natural beauty, so don’t go over the top with it.

When it comes to applying your makeup, try to tone it down a bit. Attempt to make yourself look cute and natural, rather than rolling up to meet your partner, looking like Pennywise the Clown from the movie IT. If you are unsure of the right amount, there are plenty of tutorial videos out there.



Be confident as your confidence will surely impress him. Guys obviously do love a girl who is confident.

Confident in her body.

Confident with her personality.

Confident in holding a conversation.


Men also like a bit of playful teasing, when it comes to flirting, adding a little bit of fun to the meeting. So, don’t be afraid to tease him a little bit, but remember not to go too far.

The problem with some women is, they try so hard to come across as being strong. They try their best to sound confident women. They actually end up coming off as arrogant and cocky, which is a big turn off for a guy. So try to find the right balance, which will go a long way towards impressing him.



Now I’m not saying that you should go along to the meeting and just argue with him over everything he has to say, but don’t just agree for the sake of agreeing. A guy likes a girl who will challenge him a little and bring about the healthy debate.

Don’t be afraid to give your opinion on things, if he is saying something that you don’t agree with. After all, this is the man you are looking to spend the rest of your life with, so be open and be yourself, it will impress him much more than simply agreeing with everything he says.


Your Ex

For some strange reason, there are some women out there who seem to think that their new man would be interested in hearing about their ex. This is one of the biggest turn-offs there is for a guy and won’t impress him in the slightest.

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It doesn’t matter if you have bad things to say about your ex. Your new guy isn’t going to want to hear anything about him at all. So make sure that you are completely over your ex before you start a new relationship with a new guy.

  • Wearing way too much makeup
  • Being confident to the point of arrogance
  • Agreeing with everything he says
  • Talking about your ex



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