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What Does It Mean If You Feel Lonely in a Relationship


Loneliness does not mean you are alone. Simply put, if you feel lonely in your current relationship, it probably means that you are no longer in a fulfilling relationship. While this is not always the case, loneliness in a relationship is a serious problem that should not be ignored.


Loneliness can be hereditary according to some studies. In addition to that, loneliness has been connected with a number of very serious health issues like obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke.

There are two types of loneliness: acute and chronic. The acute type of loneliness most of the time comes after a life event like a big move or a breakup with someone you were in a relationship with for a while. The chronic type may be harder to deal with and much more serious. Loneliness can also change how you think about your relationships making it difficult to understand why a relationship doesn’t give you the satisfaction you deserve.

While it is scary to realize you are feeling loneliness in your relationship, it does not mean that things are past the point of no return. Here are 3 tips you can use to help work through what you are dealing with.

  1. Tell your significant other how you feel.

If you are feeling this way, chances are your partner is probably feeling similarly. At the very least, they will have picked up on the fact that something is off. Keeping feelings to yourselves is probably one of the reasons you feel the way you do now.

  1. Analyze how the relationship got to this point.

How was the relationship when you first got together? What has changed? Is one of you spending too much time with other friends? Playing too many video games? Always have a phone out during meals and before bed? No matter how madly in love you were, love needs to be continually cultivated over time.

  1. Create a plan to help reignite that spark.

Plan moments of intimacy. Cook dinner together or for each other. Learn a new skill together. Go on that novel date that you talked about years ago. Schedule sex if you aren’t having it regularly, and remember that adding little things like candlelight or slow jams can really spice things up. The key is to actively be mindful while you are spending time together. When you’re together, cut back on the time spent on things where you are not interacting with each other, like social media or watching TV. The point of the plan is to help you both enjoy being together.

Now if you’ve ruled out hereditary loneliness or depression and the plan you enacted still leaves you feeling lonely, it could be time to move on. While that can be a hard pill to swallow, you have to do what is best for you. If you do decide you need to move on from your relationship and want to find some suitors serious about settling down and starting a family, might be exactly what you are looking for. It’s a great way to get to know other great singles in a wholesome and fulfilling manner where you don’t have to be afraid if you are getting played or wasting your time.

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