What is Aesthetic Attraction?

What is Aesthetic Attraction?

Aesthetic attraction is defined as a sensation that evokes admiration, It has nothing to do with sexual orientation


The attraction is a sensation that evokes pleasure, interest or liking towards a person or thing.

It feels like a magnetic pull towards a certain person for a number of reasons.

There are several types of attraction, ranging from romantic, sexual, emotional and sensual to the aesthetic attraction.

Each of these types of attraction can exist without the others, but often they are interwoven as a combination of attractions.

The pull of attraction is mysterious and science cannot pin it down. Some people will feel certain kinds of attraction more than others. And different people find different qualities attractive, and that is all okay.


What Is Aesthetic Attraction?

It is a common myth that if you catch your significant other staring with admiration at another person. It means that you have caught them in lust.

While it is possible to experience both aesthetic and sexual attraction for the same person, one does not guarantee the other.

You (or your partner) could be aesthetically attracted to someone without wanting to take things further.

I can tell you this for a fact because Usually, people catch me off guard by my aesthetic attraction.  I have to tear my eyes away from beautiful people even though I want to keep looking.

Yet my appreciation of the physical appearance of various humans is never accompanied by sexual desire.

I simply enjoy admiring their beauty and then I go about my day and forget that we crossed paths at all.

Another important aspect of aesthetic attraction is that it has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. So don’t be confused if, like me, your aesthetic preferences are mostly different to your sexual preferences (let’s face it, women are more beautiful).


What It’s Like To Feel Aesthetic Attraction

Hollywood is to blame for the confusion surrounding the link between the aesthetic attraction and sexual attraction.

Most films include a scene where the male lead stares in awe at a gorgeous female. And seconds later clothes are strewn across the floor and they’re doing it on the table.

In reality, the aesthetic attraction is more artistic than that. For example, when I experience aesthetic attraction,  I find myself appreciating the way a person looks and nothing more.

Yes, I would like to continue staring, but I don’t desire any type of connection with them romantically, physically, emotionally or sexually.

This is what makes this attraction profoundly different from other types of attraction. While you may experience a longing to look at the person for a few more seconds, yet you desire no other actions.

I suppose an artist may want to paint or draw the person, but there is no desire for emotional connection or touching involved.

Aesthetic attraction is just similar to visiting an art gallery. Where you walk around appreciating the stunning artworks and then leave with a sense of inspiration. Sign up to gomarry.com and find a true mate who won’t mix your aesthetic attractions with sexual attractions.


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