What is Essentialism and Does it Define or Confine You?

What is Essentialism and Does it Define or Confine You?

Essentialism is to not judge the book by its cover. It’s human nature to put people in boxes or corners. Essentialism is to let go of all prejudice and judge the person for who they are


The popular movie Dirty Dancing has a famous saying by the lead actor: “Don’t put the baby in a corner.” This popular movie is about a girl (nicknamed Baby) and all she wanted to do was the dance.

But her parents, who come from a high-class background, don’t want her to.

She goes against their will and she starts doing these very sensual dance moves with a man she meets in the Hamptons.

The whole movie is based around a Baby who wants to break free from this high-society life. In this kind of life,  her parents expect her to be prim, proper and basically perfect.

She finally breaks free and does what she wants to do. She breaks free from this box/corner that society wants to put her in.


What is Essentialism?

Essentialism negates us when we believe that someone has a certain personality. We think so because they look a certain way or because they come from a kind of background.

But essentialism is to let go of all prejudice and judge the person for who they are (without making assumptions).


It’s natural and very normal to make statements like: “All men are emotionless” or to say, “All women cry about anything.” But factually this isn’t really true. We make an assumption based on what society tells us.


If you want to be in a successful relationship.  Especially in modern times where gender roles have become more equal. It is important that you give your potential spouse a fighting chance. Get to know them without assuming that they are something that they are not.


Get to know the person

It’s important to get to know someone for the person they really are, regardless of their background or ethnicity. We give you a guideline of 101 practical marriage questions to ask someone at a marriage meeting. So that you can get to know the real person.


It’s important that you let go of your own stereotypical views. And that you adjust your own way of thinking about people.

If you have a tendency to prejudge individuals by only considering their physical appearance. You may be relying on something that you’ve heard from someone else, you will not give them a fair chance.

Get to know the real person without bringing your preconceived ideas into the picture.


GoMarry.com has strict guidelines and loads of questions that are asked to all of our members. To make sure that individuals who view your profile get a sense of the real you.

Without judging you from your picture or from only a few basic information. We encourage individuals to be open-minded and to accept everyone on this platform as unique individuals who deserve respect and love.

Everybody deserves love and everybody deserves a happy ending. You might just meet the partner of your dreams if you let go of any stereotypical ideas you may have.

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