What makes a relationship last long?

There are a few factors that make a relationship last long, for instance, love, respect, fidelity, etc. Never take your partner for granted, and make a point of it to tell your partner on a daily basis how much you love him/her and how much you care for him/her. Explore each other sexually. If you can be completely comfortable with your partner sexually, and you trust each other completely in a sexual context, it can do wonders to your relationship. The reason for this is that you place your most vulnerable feelings in your partner’s hands, and trust that he/she will accept and embrace it. It is one of the worst feelings to expose yourself and having to be shut down by your partner. That feeling of safety and security count so much in how long a relationship lasts.

The biggest problem however is finding someone with whom you can be so openly intimate and sexual. A good place to start would be GoMarry.com. On this site, likeminded individuals with the goal of marriage in mind, find their husbands or wives.

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