What to Do If Your Partner Does Not Care About Your Feelings

If you think that your partner has some other priorities and you are not sure where your relationship is heading to. Gomarry.com will be here to help you.


Life is no bed of roses, it could be a collection of odds and evens and during the course of time, an uncaring partner could also make his way in.  What should you do if this happens to you? Never forget that whatever happens to you has happened to someone else somewhere. Life is full of many twists, turns and tumbles. You need to tread softly in any type of human relationship.


If you suddenly notice that your partner no more cares about your feelings, the first thing to do is not to get angry. It could be time to take a break. Take stock of the relationship you have enjoyed or endured with your partner in the past. Track what happened in the period you have been together.


Perhaps, you have been blinded by the euphoria of finding love again, or with the euphoria of getting married. You might have forgotten to give instead of taking all the time. Yes, it happens everywhere most of the time. You could suddenly discover you have actually been so selfish and never noticed the signals of your partner. The possibility is that you have discouraged your partner by not reciprocating love.


On the other hand, could it be the time to call it quits? When your partner does not care about your feelings any longer, you should sit down to carry out an assessment of things. Find out how beneficial the relationship has been to you. Think of the days you were together and focus what you used to do at that time to grab his or her attention. Still not sure how to approach the relationship again? visit gomarry.com and seek the best advice according to your circumstances.


Your decision to stay or leave is entirely yours. However, if you discover that you have been selfish – always taking without giving, you could seek to remedy the situation by becoming more sacrificial.


However, if you discover that you have been the giver in the relationship, it could be time for you to pull out of it, lest your partner goes further to hurt you. It is better to leave and you will have better chances pinning new hopes with some new relationship. Love is not blind but it could be stupid. Avoid being caught as stupid by an uncaring partner. After all, you have your own life to live. No one can live your life better than yourself.

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