Why Casual Relationship Is More Complex

Why Casual Relationships are More Complex

Casual Relationship is the name of two different situations. The first situation is when two people agree to have regular sex. But are in no way committed or emotionally involved with one another

 The second scenario is when a couple is romantically interested, but not yet dating, and perhaps unsure if they want to get serious


There are a number of reasons as to why a casual relationship is more complex than any other kind of relationship.  The main reason being that “casual” is not really a word that matches the description of any type of relationship. It might sound cool as it rolls off your tongue, “let’s keep it casual”.  But the reality is that when two hearts are involved.  The stakes are high and there is a significant amount of risk involved.


As you can see in the article Undefined Relationship, (https://articles.gomarry.com/undefined-relationship/). Leaving your connection untitled is another way of saying that there are no boundaries or obligations.


Even if you are just friends with benefits, you run the risk of your buddy falling for you. That is not a casual situation! That is literally the epitome of complicated. Your epic plan of sex “with no strings attached” is bound to backfire at some point for one of the following reasons.


One of You will Fall In Love

Whether you are having casual sex with a friend or your next-door-neighbor. It is likely that at some point one of you will develop feelings for the other.  It might work for a short while (say a few months at most) and that is all fine and good until one person falls in love.

This is bound to happen due to the love hormone, Oxytocin, which is released during sex. This inconvenient little molecule can change your brain chemistry and create the illusion of infatuation and trust. The hormone is released in larger quantities in women. That is why they are more likely to fall for their sexual partners and to associate sex with love.

Then, because they have agreed to a casual relationship. They are likely to hide their feelings even though deep down inside they are longing for exclusivity. All kinds of emotions are amplified when a person develops romantic feelings. This situation leads to a whole host of problems.


From Carefree To Complex

Aside from the obvious possibility that you could lose a valued friend. Here are some points to consider if you are headed toward, or caught in the middle of, a casual relationship.

When two people come together. They each bring with them a dynamic mix of thoughts, opinions, expectations, emotional reactions, behavior, values and (most importantly) a unique perception of morality.


Do you consider it wrong to flirt with other people when you are in a casual relationship?

I thought so. What might seem innocent to you, could be the height of insult to your “casual” partner. Before you know it, you are not-so-significant other will be consumed with envy, possessiveness, obsessive behavior. Soon you will feel like you are true, trapped in a relationship.

Only this time, it is less clear where your obligations lie. Simply because you have chosen to pursue a casual relationship where there are no defined boundaries.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and steer clear of causing any unrequited love by:

a) defining your relationships

b) Signing up to GoMarry.com

(c) getting lucky with zero strings attached.

If opting for (c) the golden rule is to never sleep with the same person more than 3 times, or one of you will catch feelings.

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