Why Do People Play Games in Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship where you give your all and you just don’t feel like the other person is giving you the same commitment? Or you are making all the sacrifices to keep a relationship going without any sacrifices in return? It is important to note that when going into a relationship it can happen that two individuals have different expectations. One party may feel that they are only there for self-gratification, while the other feels that they want a serious commitment that can lead to a future with this person. This misconception of expectation can never lead to long term happiness in a committed relationship. One person will always end up being hurting the other.


Defining the expectation of commitment early on in a relationship can mitigate the risk of ending up in a relationship where one party is only there for themselves. If a person is not ready for a serious relationship, then you will find that they are only there to see what they can gain from it for their own pleasure. That is why you see and hear about so many people playing games in relationships for the sake of self-indulgence.


Nobody wants to go into a relationship with the assurance that they will have their hearts broken in a few months’ time. But unfortunately, that is what happens if one person is only in a relationship to play games, the other person will get hurt.


Being in a serious relationship requires hard work, time and energy. It can only work if both parties are working towards the same goal. A relationship can only work if both people are 100% committed towards each other and both people make sacrifices to make the relationship better for the other person.


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