Why Men Pull Away after Getting Close

All of a sudden, he is not interested in you anymore. You spend so much time together and you were convinced that he is the one, envisioning your future together and waiting for him to commit to you for all eternity.

It’s heartbreaking when a man all of a sudden just pulls away from you and isolates himself.  There comes the time when frequent sweet text messages start to go missing and in a couple of days texts even fade away. If you don’t message him first, he won’t message you back and it’s taking him longer periods of time to reply. There can be a lot of reasons why men pull away after they got close to you – perhaps some of these reasons can be linked to your situation.


  1. You did something to put him off

Just like women, men also have a few boxes that they’d like for you to tick. Perhaps you have shown some attributes that they don’t like and don’t want in their future partner. The only reason for you to find out what these reasons are is to confront him on it. You could ask him to be honest and share with you the reason why he has pulled away.

But you could resort to just not knowing. Which is probably the right decision to spare your dignity and feelings. If he is meant to be yours, he will return to you.


  1. Hes not ready

Perhaps he really enjoyed spending time with you, but the closer you got, the more he realized that he wasn’t ready for anything too serious. Even though the two of you were a perfect match or you did nothing wrong. No man can be forced into a relationship. He really, really likes you, but he is not ready for a relationship. He knows if he is going to commit to you it will probably be for a very long time and he is not ready to give up his freedom for you or anyone. Be patient. He will come around when the time is right.


  1. He found someone else

Sad, but true. If he is pulling away it could be because he has met someone else. Some other girl stole his interests and he loves the excitement of that someone and the thrill it comes with. You can ask around or snoop a little bit to find out if it’s true. If it is. Let him go!


  1. You became boring

Perhaps you gave too much of yourself too soon. Perhaps you became nagging or unattractive. Fact is, he liked chasing you and when you became always available and jumped when he snapped his fingers, the game was over and he became bored.


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