Will Distance Bring Him Back

You’ve dreaded the day when he will pull away and start to isolate himself from you, and now it has happened. Most women will start acting out, trying everything in their power to get their attention and then ultimately try to win him back. This, of course, is the worse course of action you could take as it will only cause him to back off even more.


There are a few things you can do: you can stalk him and obsess over his every move or you could try the cooler alternative – GIVE HIM SOME SPACE and hope that he will come back to you.


So, that brings us to the question – Will distance bring him back to you?


He definitely did like you when he first met you, the two of you went on dates and he couldn’t stop calling you. So that initial attractiveness is still there, and it didn’t go away. If you put pressure on him, his feelings for you will most surely disappear. That is why giving him some space will be your best bet in winning his full attention once again.


First, you need to make a solemn vow not to go chasing after him. If you want to win him back, you need to give him full freedom to miss you. No phone calls! No stalking him on social media! No obsessing over old photos and text messages! None!


Then, you need to start focusing on yourself. Nothing makes a man miss you more than when you are having fun without him. The fact of the matter is, men, like to do the hunting. He needs to feel like he is the one losing you, and not the other way around. Focus on your physical and mental health. Do things you love and show your progress by posting a photo on social media (not every hour, only once every other day!)


When you accidentally bump into him at a restaurant or other public area, pretend that his presence doesn’t really faze you! Laugh at other guys, and if you are really daring, flirt with other men (just a little, don’t go snogging someone in front of him, as that will make you seem easy).


A man who is genuinely into you would come back to you without you pressuring him or giving him obvious nudges. He will miss your laugh and all the good vibes you have sent out to him during your previous times together.


If he doesn’t return back to you after you’ve given him the space he deserves, it’s time to let him go and move on. Find someone who is interested in you and won’t be scared of that easily on GoMarry.com.

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