How to Win An Argument With a Man

Every relationship is destined to experience some roadblocks in the way. These issues can often arise as conflicts and arguments. If you’re in the middle of an argument with your man and you want to come out as a winner, follow this advice:


  1. Don’t Be Irrational or Impulsive

Being the winning side of an argument means staying calm, grounded and focused. If you lose touch with your peaceful side, you’ll turn the argument into a lot of yelling and criticizing. To get what you want from an argument, always remain calm and rational.


  1. Don’t State Opinions, But Facts

Feels like we’re talking about a political debate? Well, a man-woman argument often has a very similar dynamic! When you want something to go your way, make sure you include facts and truth in your arguments. If you state something that’s subjective, untrue or it’s simply just your opinion, your man will easily find a weak spot and make a rebuttal.


  1. Listen to Him Carefully

When we’re in the middle of a heated argument, it’s very easy to lose our cool and simply stop listening to the person we’re talking to. Without listening to counter-points, you can’t reply. Thus, you can’t win the argument. If you want to achieve something or come out as the winner, in the end, you’ll have to prove that your points are more logical and true. You cannot do this if you simply don’t listen to the other person. After all, if both of you listen carefully, you might realize that you’re basically on the same side.


  1. Ask Him Questions

Don’t hog the conversation. A common misconception is that the person who talks more during an argument is winning it. However, you should be patient and let the other person talk more than you. Does it sound like a paradox? Well, when you ask your man questions or let him speak about the topic you’re arguing about, he will inevitably make some logical flaws or inconsistencies. This way, you can win the argument by using his own words.


  1. Don’t Yell or Cry

This is related to the first and most important point of winning an argument – staying calm. If you observe an argument between a male and a female from the outside, you’ll probably notice that the person who’s on the defensive is louder and more aggressive. This is something you should avoid: yelling won’t get you anywhere. You’ll just show that you’re not really certain about your arguments, so you have to emphasize them by yelling.

Crying is another common manipulation mechanism used by women during arguments. If you cry and stop the argument, you haven’t one. You have just shown that you’re not emotionally mature enough to handle an adult conflict, let alone win it.


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