Wrong Girl Signs: She Isn’t Worth Your Time

Wrong Girl Signs: She Isn’t Worth Your Time

Love can make us blind. However, it is always great to know where you are headed in a relationship. After all, it does not make sense to spend a lot of time on a girl who will leave you anyway



You are investing your time and emotions on the wrong girl. Though you may argue that the best things in life never come easy so it’s good to put some effort to build a relationship.

Life is just too short to waste it with the wrong girl. If you value your time and love yourself, you should never waste your time being with a girl who isn’t worth your time. Let me reveal the signs she’s not worth your time.


She is selfish

She is never concerned about your desires and needs. The wrong girl always thinks about ‘herself’. She always feels that all of her needs and expectations must be fulfilled. The wrong girl never puts your opinion into account and decides on her own.

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She has fundamentally different values

It’s okay to have different views on things in a relationship. But when you’ve different values, it becomes quite tough to survive. If you just virtually disagree on fundamental principles then it’s so hard to establish a sense of compatibility between the two of you.


She never gives you time

In our life, we like to donate more time to the things most important to us. If your partner is not giving you proper time, it clearly shows she doesn’t have a spot in her life. A girl who really likes you will voluntarily shift some things on her schedule to have shopping or dinner with you.

She blackmails you

This is genuinely psychotic. If a girl really loves you, she will never emotionally blackmail you. Guilt, obligation, and fear should not exist in a stable and happy relationship. In true love, your lover never plays with your emotions and feelings. It’s a clear sign that she’s not worth your time.


She never trusts you

A little curiosity is good in love. But when she does things like checking your phone in your absence etc, shows she will never prove good in the long-run.

She is up and down

Naturally, it is not possible to keep a stable mood all the time. However, it doesn’t mean that your lover is allowed to do whatever she likes without taking into account your feelings and desires. She is constantly changing her mood and expects you to adjust to her feelings.


She is unfaithful

Game over. It’s time to move on ASAP. If there is no trust then there is no love left. If she cheats you, she is not worth your time and you must look for a loving and caring lady on GoMarry.com.


She doesn’t make you feel like she has your back

She is not kind of a girl who you can rely on in a tough situation. You can’t trust her that she’d pick you up whenever you stumble. Frankly, she is not consistent in a relationship and not even trustworthy. She isn’t really what you would consider being a partner in life.


She never initiates the conversation

This is really awkward. You always have to start a conversation. It looks like she has no interest in you. It’s a clear sign that you must quit dating her.

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