You Don’t Choose Who You Fall in Love With

“We don’t choose who we fall in love with!” Is this statement true? Or do we, to some extent, choose the person that we love? I have to completely disagree. You do choose who you fall in love with!

First, we need to put this into perspective: You see someone from across the room. You are immediately attracted to them. You think that they are hot and you want to get to know them better. Maybe they’ll think you’re good looking too and the two of you will ride into the sunset together.

You start having a conversation, there are many things this person is saying that you don’t really like. For example, they don’t like dogs. You, on the other hand, love dogs. This is the point where you make your decision. You either decide to keep on talking to this person, having the hopes that they’ll showcase other attributes that you’re really attracted to. But still, they keep on saying things that you disagree with or aren’t looking for in a mate.

They ask you out, you say; ‘yes’. Why? Why did you say ‘yes’ to a date with a person that you have nothing in common with and as a matter of fact don’t really like? There are two reasons for this. The first reason: you find them physically attractive! You can see yourself kissing them passionately and spending days at an end in bed together. The second reason: you are lonely or desperately in need of a partner. And this person looks good and they are showing some minor interested in you.

Therefore, you have made the decision to spend more time with them, even though your inner voice is screaming: “This is not right!” Ultimately, you made the decision.

Love is an emotion that grows stronger and stronger through time, and we make the decision about whether we are going to feed this emotion or not. We know that the boy down the street is bad for us, but still, we find him interesting and we foster a desire towards them.

It’s not like you can’t control falling in love with someone, you can! You don’t spend time with them and you don’t obsess over the thought of them.

This is why Marriage only Relationships are a great new way of meeting potential husbands and wives. You can choose who you fall in love with. By scrolling through different profiles, you can get to know the person on the other side before actually meeting them. Focusing on the important factors that make or breaks a relationship.

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It’s a complete myth that we fall in love with perchance. You won’t fall in love with a convict or toxic person unless you allow yourself to.

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