Your Complicated Heart Broke Mine

How Their Complicated Heart Can Break Your Heart

The complicated heart of a lover can break your heart. Their up and down antics and mood swings affect your relationship’s balance

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who you thought was a bit crazy? The complicated heart keeps on creating turmoil around every corner.

Individuals with emotional problems or baggage bring a very toxic dynamic into a relationship. And no matter how hard you try you will never be able to heal them completely.

Someone who has got a complicated past and who is carrying a lot of baggage will eventually break your heart.

Being in a relationship with someone shouldn’t be emotionally draining. It should be uplifting, engaging and encouraging. Finding someone without a past isn’t easy, but finding someone who has dealt with their past and who grew from mistakes is easy. You can find your perfect “marriage match” on is a “Marriage Matchmaking site” that matches potential couples with each other with the ultimate goal of getting married.

When you invest in someone, they should be ready to commit, their complicated background or complicated heart shouldn’t break yours. To avoid a long-term investment with someone who isn’t ready for a healthy relationship – here are some tell-tale signs you can spot early on in your relationship.


  1. Hot and Cold

One day your partner can’t keep their hands off of you and the next it’s like you’re a pest they want to get rid of. One day they are so in love and the next they aren’t sure whether they want to be with you anymore.

  1. Mood swings

You have seen your partner with complicated heart going from extremely happy to intensely sad. Or being loving to having an abrupt anger outburst. This shows that your partner isn’t dealing or hasn’t dealt with past issues and they are obviously not in a state of mind to deal with current emotions.

There are certain triggers throughout the day that makes their emotions flare up.

  1. Mysterious

If you’re getting a feeling that your partner is hiding something from you, then they probably are. A big part of being in a great relationship is to be able to communicate and share stories from the past. But if your partner is closed up and is avoiding difficult topics, then they are probably dealing with something deep down that they don’t want to share.


Being with someone who is unstable emotionally can have a really bad effect on your mental health. Sign up to to find someone who is ready for commitment and who have dealt with their past problems.

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