5 Signs You’re Gaining Power in a Relationship


Power dynamics play a significant role in determining the success of a healthy relationship. A healthy and successful relationship provides an equal amount of power and respect to both partners in a relationship. It might seem that there were equal power and respect at the beginning of your relationship; however, the power might seem to change and to shift after some time in the relationship. If you experience that your partner is controlling over the relationship. Then it is significant to take fundamental steps to gain the power and control back in the relationship.

Some of the steps are as follows:


  1. Speak up for Your Rights

Your voice is a powerful way of expressing your thoughts and concerns in the relationship. You should be clear and focused on your likes and preferences in the relationship. Communicate your needs to your partner and use your words to speak up for your rights. Remember, your partner is not going to read your mind; you need to communicate. Tell your concerns and do not wait for the right time too much. Come at the table of negotiation and involve in some healthy discussion. See what the things which are making you feel suppressed are.


  1. Develop an Independent Personality

It is important for you to be more independent and career-oriented to gain power and control in the relationship. It represents that you are responsible enough to take care of your things and interests. Being self-sufficient is highly important for having a successful relationship. Your partner will admire your independent and attractive personality, and you will see the power shifting in the relationship.


  1. Establish Boundaries in the Relationship

Having clear and comfortable boundaries in the relationship. It is essential in building a healthy and equality based relationship with your partner. Having determined boundaries will provide the foundation for a healthy and respectful relationship between you both. Be logical and constructive in your thoughts and ideas and try to understand them with the maximum clarity.


  1. Treatment with Your Partner

This is the golden rule of any successful relationship. Try treating your partner, as you would like treatment back in the relationship. If you have been looking for respect, power, and consideration in the relationship. Then you need to give it to your partner in the first place. And it will eventually come back to you. It will make your discussion smoother, and you will get the desired results.


  1. Respect Yourself in the Relationship

It is important to respect and believe in yourself. You need to respect and care for yourself in the first place. If you desire your partner to respect you for your individuality. Embrace your flaws and imperfections and represent yourself in the best possible way in the relationship. Your belief and a confident personality will assist you in gaining more power in the relationship. However, you can always consult GoMarry.com for their perfect relationship advice. Sign up for free with GoMarry.com and get the expert advice to a perfect relationship.

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