Why Cheating is not a Mistake it’s a Choice (Reason)

We have all cheated on at some stage of our lives. Some of us cheated in games like Monopoly, and some of us were riskier and cheated on tests during our exams.  It’s a whole different story when it comes to cheating in the game of love. A relationship consists out of two people, and if one of those people in the committed relationship pursues a relationship with someone outside the commitment it’s considered cheating.

Some people can’t imagine this happening to them, some people are scared that it would happen, and for some unlucky people, it already happened or is happening right now. If you have been cheated on, you feel helpless, you feel like you are not good enough. You can’t help but ask yourself if it was your fault. The trust of the relationship was broken and things will never be the same. So, what are the facts about cheating? Let’s look at a few:

Unhappy marriages lead to cheating:

If you and your partner are not very happy with each other, one of you is going to look for someone else who can make you happy. It’s like having a phone that freezes all the time, sooner or later you are going to shop for a new one.


Affairs are based on sexual attraction:

When you or your partner are attracted to someone at work for an example, he or she dresses more attractive than your partner you will feel more sexually attracted to that person.


Cheating has an effect on marital lovemaking:

The person who is doing the cheating might feel guilty to sleep with you. Sometimes they just simply enjoy having sex with the other person more than with you. In the end, it’s a choice whether the one partner wants to keep on having sexual relations with someone out of the marriage. This surely has a bad effect on the marriage’s own intimacy levels.


People cheat when they don’t get enough:

Maybe you are not giving your partner enough attention, whether it’s their sexual or emotional needs. The partner who feels deprived will then go and find someone who does. Everyone has needs and if we don’t adhere to each other’s needs, we may push the other one to find satisfaction somewhere else.


Cheaters treat their partners poorly:

People enjoy it so much to be around the person they are cheating with, that they simply hate being around the person that they are in a relationship with. They will be irritated and everything that the innocent soul does will be wrong. This will almost always end up in a huge argument and cheaters will eventually treat their partners poorly.


Men cheat more than a woman:

This is a fact, between men and women, men tend to cheat more. We don’t really understand this. It could be because men are more sexually and physically inclined than women. Men want their wives to tend to their physical needs, while women want men to tend to their emotional needs. And since sex has become so cheap, it’s very easy to find sexual satisfaction outside of marriage.

Cheating a partner and sleeping with others has become a trend.  Either people are not happy with their partners, or they want more. But one thing is for certain. Cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice.

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