5 Ways to Know If Your Friendship is Turning Into a Relationship

Many people have experienced the confusion of a friendship turning into something more. Everyone is also afraid of misreading signals and being rejected, so sometimes the dance of falling in love with a friend might go on for months, or even years. With that being said, there are some telltale signs that this friend you are falling in love with feels the same way.


It is normal for someone from the opposite sex, that you get along with so well, to start becoming the apple of your eye. Someone that you share the rest of your life with should be your best friend. Of course, when you go down that road of trying to turn your friendship into a relationship, you run the risk of losing that friend if things go sideways. However, it is better to put everything on the line and lose it, than to have never tried at all.


To help you decide if you should take the chance on whether or not this friendship could become something more, here are 6 things you should consider.


  • A best friend can tell you about who they are interested in.

If someone isn’t interested in you, they have no problem telling you who they are interested in. They won’t mind asking you for advice on how to proceed or telling you how a date went. If there is interest between you, they would never share something like that and they would be upset if you talked about being interested in another person.


  • A best friend has no right to be jealous.

As previously stated, you can share your love interests with a friend. In addition to that, a friend won’t be jealous if you’re hitting on someone in front of them. They won’t care either way, because there is nothing sexual about the way they feel towards you.


  • A best friend can criticize and give advice that you don’t want to hear.

Everyone needs someone who can tell them hard truths. A true friend doesn’t mind saying those things because they want to help you. They know that, no matter what, you’ll still be friends tomorrow, even if what they say hurts you a little bit. If your friend is interested in you, they might not be as direct because they don’t want to mess things up.


  • A best friend doesn’t rely on you to supply their happiness.

If you don’t go out with them to watch that movie or go to the bar with them, they will be alright. They might be sad that you aren’t going out to enjoy something with them, but they won’t let it destroy their good time.


  • A best friend can have an all-access pass to your personal life.

There are some stories that you would never share with someone you are interested in having a relationship with. For instance, that time you had a threesome when you were in college. Or, how you would hook-up with a different person every week for a year. You wouldn’t share this because you don’t want them to have a bad image of you.


Friendships turning into relationships can be really sticky situations. Sometimes, it is better to just ignore those feelings because the feeling of attraction is fleeting and you don’t want to lose a best friend over it. This is why dating websites like GoMarry.com are great. You can get to meet new people who aren’t from your friend’s circle and you don’t have to deal with all the pain that comes along with losing a best friend

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