Different Types of Open Relationships

These are the Different Types of Open Relationships

Personally, I’m a fan of open relationships, which allow for sexual freedom within an emotionally exclusive, committed partnership


I believe that as humans we are all prone to experiencing primal urges (or sexual attraction). And I would not want to limit myself, or my partner, from sexually connecting with people outside of the partnership.

While on the other hand, monogamy is the most traditional form of relationship.  And it involves an exclusive (https://articles.gomarry.com/exclusive-relationships/) sexual and romantic relationship between two people only.

It is very important to me that I trust my partner. And that we communicate fully and honestly about these experiences. If my partner wants to have sex with someone else secretly, in my books that would be defined as cheating and not an open relationship.

However, there are several forms of open relationships that are based on different sets of “rules” that a couple is comfortable with.


Openness Is What Makes a Relationship Open

In all open relationships, it is important to inform the third party of the circumstances. It is vital too because in order for it to truly be an open and ethical affair. Just because it is an open relationship, it doesn’t mean there are no boundaries.

For example, you need to decide what you are comfortable with in terms of wining and dining. Many people enjoy a dinner date before sex.  And this is something you would need to negotiate with your partner. I personally would prefer minimal emotional and romantic connection. But it would also be fine with my partner having a quickie if the opportunity arose.

There is a difference between a person who actively seeks out hookups, versus a person who is not on the hunt. Later, would enjoy the occasional sexual indulgence if the circumstances were right.

Be sure to clearly define your ground rules, and think about how often and how many people you would be comfortable with your partner bedding.

Trust and honesty are mandatory in any type of open relationship.


Casual Sex / Friends with Benefits

The most common form of open relationships is when two (or more) people agree to a sexual relationship with no strings attached.  This can be a mutual decision between platonic friends, or an agreement between new acquaintances.

There is no formal commitment or goal to further the partnership and the sexual aspect of the relationship is kept private. Most importantly, the people involved do not have any romantic emotional obligations to one another.


Depending on the agreement, the sexual relationship may or may not be exclusive. However, each partner is free to pursue romantic interests as they please. And they may end the relationship harmoniously at any point.

The important thing is that the boundaries and nature of the relationship are clearly defined and agreed on from the get-go.


Different Area Codes

I know a couple that has agreed that flings and sex outside of the partnership are acceptable. It is not objected as long as it happens in a different area to the main relationship.

Many long distance relationship couples choose to live by this rule. Naturally, it is a result of the lack of physical contact they experience for long periods of time.

You may choose to limit your partner in terms of distance or to specific areas where you don’t know any other people. Some partners would find it embarrassing and complicated to explain their choice to friends and family. While others may enjoy flaunting the secret that you two share.

Whether you are looking for an open or monogamous relationship, GoMarry.com can provide the structure for finding an ideal match who is ready to commit to a long term relationship.

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